3 Ways Natural Stone Creates a Healthy Living Space

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3 Ways Natural Stone Creates a Healthy Living Space


     No one can deny the beauty and authenticity of natural stone, and there are thousands of articles that mention all these great attributes. However, there is not enough information that mentions the positive impact natural stone brings to our overall health. Here are three crucial benefits adding natural stone to your home can make in order to create a healthy living space.

1-Helps us stay connected to Nature


     Our connection to nature is a natural necessity we all possess. Studies have shown that people who have a greater exposure to the natural world tend to have decreased stress levels and an overall improved mood. The effects of nature in our every day-to-day life are so significant that professionals everywhere are looking into ways to incorporate nature in our homes.


     Modernized designs have only been around for a few years, they favor clean, straight lines with a big focus on minimalism. Only nature isn’t always characterized by these things. The goal is to be able to find the perfect balance between today’s modern world and nature. Nature keeps us grounded and it does wonders to the mind, body, and soul. Healing us and bringing us comfort.


2-Helps improve your home’s energy efficiency


     As a natural insulator, natural stone adds an extra layer of protection to your home. The rule is that heat flows from warmer to colder areas, and the purpose of having insulation in the home is to help prevent heat from either escaping or entering, depending on weather conditions.


     Natural stone reduces the rate of heat transfer. In the winter, it traps in the warm air, keeping your home cozy and comfortable. While in the summertime it prevents heat from transferring in, helping your home stay cool and fresh. This makes natural stone the perfect eco-friendly thermal insulator, economizing in heating and cooling costs all year long.

3-Helps maintain your indoor air quality


     Every year, toxins that are in the air  negatively impact our health creating more and more illnesses. Most of these volatile organic compounds (VOCs) tend to be consistently higher indoors than outdoors. Some examples of household ingredients that contain these VOCs are; paint, cleaning supplies, building materials, glues and even markers just to name a few.


Now, when you add a stone facade indoors, opposed to having a plain painted wall, you significantly reduce the VOCs that are being released in your home. As a natural product, Fieldstone Veneer’s stone does not contain any VOC, making it the obvious choice for a green, non toxic material for all home projects.


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