6 Design Ideas using Natural Stone Veneer

By: Carina Martins



Natural Stones are highly popular among home owners, not just in decorating interior of the house but exterior too

Here are six design ideas showing you how a home can be transformed with Natural Stone Veneer.

1.  Facades

A facade is the home’s front exterior that faces the street. It’s the part of the home that gives it curb appeal. Stone veneer provides a decorative element and architectural interest to homes that primarily use siding or clapboards.

Natural stone veneers are installed with a water resistant barrier, metal lathe, fasteners and mortar. Bonding agents and pigments can be added to the mortar. There are optional sealants available to minimize cleaning but sealants can change the color of the stone.

The Natural Stone Veneer Fieldstone Blend Mosaic trims transformed the exterior of this home.

2.  Trims

Natural Stone Veneer Trims can make a major impact on the look and style of a home. Even minimal trims provide an architectural interest.

The Natural Stone Veneer Connecticut Tan was applied to the base of this home's front entryway and to the stairs add curb appeal.

3.  Chimneys

Natural Stone Veneer can also be used for chimneys.

Our Fieldstone Blend Mosaic was used on the chimneys of this home to provide a rustic look.

4.  Basement Bar

A Basement Bar with Natural Stone Veneer is now trending

Our Newbury Granite was on this project to give an unique look.

5.  Fireplace

The Natural Stone Veneer fireplace wil enhance your home's focal point

Our Fieldstone Blend Mosaic was used to create this espectacular fireplace

Another example of fireplace now using our Connecticut Tan Ledgestone

This fireplace used our Fieldstone Blend Rounds

6.  Other Applications

Natural Stone veneers can also be used for indoor walls and seating areas for a grand entrance

This foyer gained a sophisticated look with our Connecticut Tan Ashlar

Our Natural Stone Veneer Newbury Granite was used to this grand entrance.

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