Fieldstone Veneer Siding Stone Veneer by Fieldstone Veneer inSiding Stone Veneer by Fieldstone Veneer in Upton, MA

Siding Stone Veneer in Upton, MA

Premium Natural Stone in Upton, MA. from Fieldstone Veneer Inc is not only the finest veneer on market, but also has been selected from New England quarries/farms to provide dramatic texture and beauty to your project. Our products are available for architects, designers, builders, contractors and homeowners.

Our product is HCA (Harsh Climate Approved) and can be used on stone siding, fireplaces, chimneys, foundations, interior-exterior walls and columns, indoor-outdoor kitchen, wine cellars and much more. As you browse our collection you will find inspirations that will truly last a lifetime, created by mother nature, delivered by

Our Thin Stone Veneer